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Just like we rapidly grow as a company, we want our employees to reach their full potential. We have a comprehensive career progression plan in place, designed to receive any employee with little to no experience and teach them the skills they need to excel. 

TOMS King maintains a culture that supports high performance and ongoing employee development and recognizes and rewards employee achievements. We are committed to excellence and are looking for friendly, spirited, motivated individuals to


Benefits package includes: Medical Insurance, Voluntary Benefits & 401 (k)

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Don’t take our word for it

TOMS King Success Stories!

PAOLA, 10 YEARS with TOMS King Crew to Area Manager

“In 2012, I moved to the US and while attending college, my first job was as a cashier at TK. In 10 years, I’ve felt so encouraged, supported. If you want to grow, you can do it here. They’ve made me feel proud of who I am.”

STEFANIE, 18 YEARS with Burger King Crew to Senior District Manager

“TOMS King made me the leader I am today. At 16, I joined TK. I had a tough GM who taught me how to show up on time. Twenty years later, I’ve been supported, nurtured and promoted. I’m not leaving my 18 restaurants or my team anytime soon!”

TODD, 22 YEARS with Burger King Crew to District Manager

“I worked as crew member through college and one day, my DM at the time asked me to move up as a manager. I never intended to make it a career. Just thought it would give me some good experience. Enjoyed the business, the people – and still enjoy the constant challenges.”

 matt 2   “I started out as an hourly restaurant employee and now I’m the CEO of TOMS                              King. The most important part of my job? Our people.“

                    -Matt Carpenter, CEO

Start your TOMS King Journey

Start your TOMS King Journey